How To: Cross one eye or speak with an ech-ech o-o

Cross one eye or speak with an ech-ech o-o

Want to learn a valuable skill? Well, just watch this video tutorial to see how to cross one eye or speak with an echo.

Cross one eye:

This is a very simple trick. Just cross your eyes at somebody so everything becomes doubled, then stare at just one of the pair of people you see. If you look at the left-hand twin, that person will see your right eye cross, but your left eye will not. Crossing one eye is supposed to be a come-on in the South Pacific and Indonesia. In Kabuki theater it's called 'mie.'

Living with an echo:

Try speaking a simple sentence, but repeat each word twice. "Testing-testing one-one two-two three-three." It sounds a bit like a genuine echo. OK, now speak each individual syllable twice: "Tes-Tes Ting-Ting One-One Two-Two Three-Three." Say it a few times fast. That sounds very much like an echo. Finally, say it with the accent on the first of each syllables, with no pause between pairs but a slight pause between the different syllables. Speak with constant tone, not like conversation but like making a PA announcement at a ball game. Keep the timing between syllable-pairs always exaclty the same. "TES(tes,) TING(ting,) ONE(one,) TWO(two,) THREE(three). It echos! Sounds disturbingly real!







Now practice until you can do it fast. Go find unattended microphones, and screw with the sound engineer's head. How to get rid of that echo? Try different hookups. Is it still there? YEP-yep. DAMN! UH-uh. TIC-tic. TUH-tuh. TES-tes.

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