How To: Boffer sword fight, after learning about boffers

Boffer sword fight, after learning about boffers

Okay, you're ready to go out and kick some serious ass with you boffer? But wait... you don't even know what a boffer is?

This video tutorial from the Knights of Gray will give you the information to succeed, even if you are a LARPer.

A boffer sword is PVC pipe, foam insulation, duct tape, and imagination for fighting in battle with.

Then learn a little about inhale, exhale.

So, if you're into LARPing, you should quit and just do martial arts, with boffer weapons, which there are mulitple kinds of... swords, staffs, spears, long blades, daggers, etc.

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Lol I'd like to see a Bokken master own your asses

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