How To: Change Your Voice from Male to Female

Change Your Voice from Male to Female

This sequence of instructional videos provides a near comprehensive lesson on how you can change your voice from that of a male to that of a female. This video series is aimed at aiding transgender individuals, but is also useful for people who want to learn to do really great voice exercises and impersonations.

Note: These videos have recently been marked private by the YouTube user, CandiFLA. They may be made available again at a later time.

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Fascinating... could definitely be beneficial to voice-over actors and impressionists as well...

i doubt its real....most likley a male behind the camera and shes mouthing the words she wrote down on the piece of paper...obviously fake

it isnt real idk y every thinks it is they must be stupid! they cant evn tell awomens voice from mans! retartds

You realize that the lip-syncing for the entire VIDEO is off sync, not just the portions where (s)he is using his/her male voice, right? So your argument is pretty invalid. The human voice can do incredible things if properly trained. Just because it's difficult for you to believe doesn't mean it isn't true.

agree babblin
this is great video
what an art!

wow, this is great male, female to falsetto AND back

holy crap, that's fascinating.

sold. on all the elements. (s)he's very convincing.

hi ! i listen voice male change female that greast ,and how can i study voice how can i mail for you thanks you

you dont even look like a man!

wow! never seen a vid like this before. Suprised even me when you turned out to be a man. Your "female voice" needs to be nicer to your "male voice" - he was just having a good time.

First I thought that "Is this video teaching how to change male voice to female by using some programs (or something)" but now I see (or hear) that it's actually your real voice, omg.

fab! very convincing

Wow! You are so convincing! More FtoM Transfemales should take the time to do what you've done.I'm curious though: Are you comfortable speeking in your female voice or do you get the urge to revert to your male voice?

wow... very interesting.....

Asians make the best ladyboys. I think it's because even the men are more feminine then most men around the world, so it's a good base palette.

This is great, I've watched video 1-10 one afte rthe other , you are the best I have found this so useful and "squeeking" away nicely. I hope I can be as confident and convincing as you one day. Thks. Fi Fi

nooooo way.... scroo u white person im #$%@ing korean and i hev a lower voice than most black people. ur so #$%@ing racist. go eat a twinkie. but, wht u said was true. Here is korea, there is no pussy, or a want for pussy, so yea, but not me. Just next time, say most asians. :)

You all stupids, you can really tell that she's faking it. she's just moving her lips but some one else is talking. watch closely and you will see. even, when she speaks like a man you can notice that it sounds way louder cause the guy has to speak louder from wherever he is standing.

HA HA HA dat waz a big joke of d day n more over wat makes me more laugh is most of u believe it how foolish HA HA HA HA HA HE HE HE HE........................

How stupid. What adam's apple? Get a life girl.

Nnnice hair, appreciate the mannerisms.
I'm recording my normal voice. Sound technology gives me easy falsetto, which I can do anyway. Like the ideas, going to try them, experiment, see if I can 'find' my normal female voice.
It would be interesting to be female, but I'm fine being a guy (my avatars are nearly always female... I keep telling myself I just like the way they look :-))
Good luck with the gender blending.

so fake you can tell th voices were added in after the timing is of about a quarter of a second between lips and sound

kept me interested

I think she's a dude


check her pants. if there is no pocket rocket, she is hopefully a girl. BTW, SHE IS SO FAKIIN' IT!

i hate how she #$%@in' moves her mouth...btw she has a retarded face:))

look for mouth actions its totally fake but i will like to #$%@ her hard

nyek!!!! so #$%@ing fake!!!!!!!! its not working

Wheather she/ he is faking it or not..this is sstill pretty coolio XD i give it an A+

Very sexy! luv the voice, A+!!!

Interesting, but hard to practice! By the way, I know that there are some voice changer software that can do exactly what you do in changing your voice. Let me remember, it's AV Voice Changer Software.

Guys, practice more and don't laugh while you're recording rsrsrs

I'm no expert, but I think this is a mostly dubbed tape. the sound is slightly ahead of movement, but only at times. The 'but at times' suggests the dub. Also, occassionally her lip movement words do not seem to match her audio words. A good example occurs at the begining of segment #1, approx 3:00-3:05 seconds into the segment. The audio portion says "get to a female voice if you don't start from a starting point" , and her lips seem to say "get to a female voice if you don't start from somewhere else" It's is if they made the tape first, and she is trying to mouth-match the words on the tape. That's why the movement part is a little behind the audio part at times, and she has a crib sheet. She is a little nervous, and she seems to try and stifle a smile after a mistake. And why the legal disclaimer? Something illegal about trying to change ones voice? It's aesthetics. Do hair colorists at salons have a disclaimer about trying to change ones appearance? I only watched segment #1, doesn't ring true.

If that was real, that is soooo cool.

Not only does your voice sound wonderful, but you are beautiful as well. Weel done on your transformation.
I hope to learn just a small amount of what you've accomplished. What are the chances you will be adding other lessons on other changes you've gone through. I would like to hear about your experiences in dresing, how to hide maleness in female clothing and makeup ideas.

it's fake i can do that much better! he is a guy with cock and balls!!! breasts are only silicone bags filled with water and salt!

fascinating - is it real?

Thank you for the great lesson! I didn't know that it could be so easy to change one's voice like that - in just 2 seconds like you said. My need is to use a stage name and voice when contacting my business prospect's secretaries, or administrative assistants, in follow-up to the letters I've sent their bosses. I need to contact them as "my" secretary, as I don't currently have one, with a female secretary being better than a male one; and my prospects, or their assistants, cannot recognize me as posing as both. Using a nom de plume, or a stage name and voice, is not wrong or illegal so long as there is no intent to defraud - as you would certainly know. Your voice and the rest of your transformation is perfect - beautifully done. I really thought you were a woman at first: Seamless!

Candi we love you,
Your videos have been a blessing, @ wor kpeople ask me if i got voice surgery cus of the way it sounds now, I am very surprice, i have take years on other techniques & no luck till i saw you. Now its all fallen into place from my srs to everything else, thanks 2 u & others that have been involved in my life 1 way or another. I know u r busy, I love to meet u 1 day, if you are ever in the state of MASS i am here & travel all over the USA 2 do Transgender awareness & shows, I love to talk 2 u in person, do u have faceBook? ttys.
Britannya Grace Heavens

can a woman with a deep loud voice use this? will it help?

Candy, what a nice gift!! Thanks. What I focus on, now that you showed me to look for the hurdle, is that the resonance chamber of my upper throat and mouth is where the sound moves to and develops, and what molds the expression of the words and their feeling becomes my limps and teeth (rather than just opening to let the throat sound out). I don't feel my vocal cords vibrating much, mainly the roof of my mouth and teeth. The cool thing, really, is how that connects the feeling and expressions of my face with the feeling and shaping of my words. Is that partly a difference for men speaking from their thoughts and women from their feelings?

you can change your voice from that of a male to that of a female. I am more interested

This is fantastic. Has helped me tremendously! Thanks Candi for this helpful gift. By the way, you look beautiful.

Candi, you are the Bees Knees. I think you are just magic and so inspirational. I love it when you slide from your fem voice to your male. I love your wonderful boobie, fantastic personality, and your tools. I've been doing some Skype lessons with Kathe Perez. I seem to have improved with the technical side but just can't seem to get the transfer. I'm chatting away to myself in my fem voice, but as soon as I confront someone, I go all masculine. Any Ideas? I've got a 14mm spanner, so I just hope it will help. Love Pippa xxxxxx

Hey! And Candi, I really think you should do a video on how to do the wonderful feminine facial animations you do when you speak. I got your 1st video playing right now as I type, you just called yourself a sexy bitch, a magic sexy bitch is more like it, and I love you. TC (take care) Pippa xx

Well when I put her audio on "CANTA" the software shows that her voice fluctuates between 110hz and 217hz. Whats odd, is I found info online which says that a masculine voice will be around 120 hz, and Gender ambiguous will be between 155hz and 187hz, and a no questions asked female voice will be around 220hz. So I'm confused why it is she sounds so good, while not averaging the specified range for females.

I went to watch this but its private, any chance I can still see it?

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