How To: Join a theater group

Join a theater group

As Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage" – step on up and play your part!
You Will Need
* A role to play
* A computer with internet access
* A local newspaper
* Good communication skills
* A team player attitude

Step 1: Determine what role you'd like to play
Determine what role you'd like to play, including actor, lighting technician, costume designer, usher, or advertising marketer.

Step 2: Search the internet
Search the internet for local theaters. Enter your city, state, and the words "stage theaters" in a search engine.

Step 3: Scan the newspapers
Scan the newspapers. Your local paper will list current productions.

Step 4: Visit local theaters
Visit local theaters. Attend performances, ask questions, take a backstage tour, and find out what types of shows each theater produces.

Step 5: Find out the requirements
Find out the requirements for joining. You might have to pay dues.

If you're interested in ushering, try professional companies. You'll get to see top-notch productions for free.

Step 6: Be a team player
Bring your team-player attitude. If you let them know you're no prima donna, you may just find a home away from home.

Fact: America's first theater was established in 1716 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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