How To: Boffer sword fight with two-handed long weapons

Boffer sword fight with two-handed long weapons

Boffer. You've heard it, you've used it, you've died by it, but have you done it well?

The Knights of Gray teach you in this video tutorial, how to use a boffer weapon that needs two hands. So, if you're a LARPing wannabe, or a LARP professional, then you need to watch this. You will see what three pivot points for striking with a two-handed foam boffer sword.

Live action role-playing is addicting, so do it right. Learn it here, with long boffer swords.

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Hey guys, I really like your doccos , but one thing bothers me. I'm a member of a combat group myself and while your tutorials are good they are lacking in clarity on the concept of edge alignment. Edge alignment is critical especially when your talking about the difference between, a successful kill or a painful insult.(its generally considered bad manners to slap your opponent with the flat of a blade.) perhaps you could clarify the application of edge alignment to buffers?

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